About Sluis Egg Food

Egg food is a complementary feed for birds containing important natural nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients play an essential role in all vital functions such as reproduction, egg production, growth and formation of an attractive and tight plumage.

The original Sluis Egg Food is known and valued by many bird fanciers both in the Netherlands and abroad.

For top results

The experts at Sluis recommend the use of Sluis Egg Food in combination with a high-quality seed mix containing whole and fully ripe seeds that have been cleaned to an excellent standard. The experts at Sluis therefore recommend the use of Sluis Egg Food to complement Teurlings bird seed. To find out more about Teurlings bird seed, visit the website: www.teurlings.nl
Sluis Egg Food Super Plus is a natural mix of high-quality proteins, seeds, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. It boosts the condition of adult birds and encourages growth in young birds. Read more »

Sluis: a rich history

The foundations for Sluis were laid in 1823. The company started out by trading in flower seeds and market garden seeds.

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