A long tradition

P. Sluis, Pluimvee, Vee- en Vogelvoederfabriek N.V. [poultry, livestock and bird feed factory] was established as early as 1823. The company in Amsterdam was first run by a Mr Eversdijk, who traded in flower seeds and market garden seeds. An enterprising young man took over the business in 1890. This man was P. Sluis, born in Andijk, a genuine bird and poultry fancier. He started to sell compound feed to his customers almost right from the start. This became a huge success. His business was called the ‘Leidsche Zaadwinkel’ (Leiden Seed Store). Business boomed. In 1916 there was a potato flour factory on the north side of the canal Smal Weesp that had gone out of business. P. Sluis bought this factory and started to produce poultry, livestock and bird feed. The company gradually grew into a large organisation with a workforce of around 280 employees in both inside sales and field sales, with a strong focus on exports.

On 10 November 1952 the then mayor presented the director, Mr Herman Sluis, with the charter of the Supreme Council of Nobility, and the company was awarded the designation ‘Royal’. Sluis had by that time become a household name, largely thanks to huge advertising campaigns. In 1915 the factory had relocated to Weesperkarspel, a former municipality of North-Holland. The company celebrated its centenary back in 1923. During its peak years, it employed 275 to 300 staff members and manufactured and exported products to all Western European countries under licence. The title ‘Royal’ was dropped at the end of the 1960s when Felix/Bonzo in Etten-Leur purchased the bird feed segment (small packaging) from the company in 1969, and only the production of compound feed remained in Weesperkarspel. A short time later Felix/Bonzo was itself taken over by Purina, and the new owners therefore felt it was high time to introduce a logo. The ‘cockerel’s head’ was designed in 1973, but sadly was not a success. Years later, Purina was taken over by the US group Quaker Oats. The trademark rights have changed hands again a number of times. The brand is currently owned by Holland Diervoeders B.V.